Vacancy: Postdoc for research into the practice of community-based social policy in Amsterdam North

Vacancy: Postdoc for research into the practice of community-based social policy in Amsterdam North

17 April 2024

Do you have experience and expertise in researching government-citizen relations and intersectional social inequalities? Are you familiar with ethnographic research? Do you work effectively in teams and are enthusiastic about working with community partners? We are looking for a postdoctoral researcher to study the practice of community-based social policy in Amsterdam Noord.

What you will do

  • In this position you will research the practice of community-based social policy in collaboration with partners in Amsterdam-North, and possibly another case of your own design. In particular, the research will focus on the visions, dynamics and dilemmas of different administrative and political actors working together on such policies. This research is linked to the research of one of the PhD students in the line, which focuses mainly on the interaction with residents and other non-professional parties.
  • You will contribute to the synthesis of findings from the research line: identifying and analysing the similarities and differences in governance and community relations and political imagination in the cases studied by the PhD students and postdocs. The aim is to gain more insight into the politics and practice of new forms of cooperation between government and citizens in the social sphere in the Netherlands.
  • You will also play an important role in coordinating activities and contacts within line 1 and with the (postdocs of the) other lines. You will work closely with the Principal Investigator Anouk de Koning, the two PhD students and the rest of the research line team. Specifically, you will contribute to the organisation and coordination of research activities, to the cooperation and communication with the social partners associated with the research line, and to the conceptualisation of products for a non-scientific audience.

What you bring to the table

  • A completed PhD in anthropology, sociology, public administration or another relevant social science;
  • Research experience and expertise in the anthropology or sociology of politics, state-citizen relations and intersectional social inequality;
  • Strong experience in ethnographic research;
  • Experience in independently conducting and coordinating research in a metropolitan environment;
  • proven ability to coordinate research activities;
  • excellent written and oral communication skills in Dutch and English.

Further information

More information about the position, the project, the tasks and the application procedure can be found on the UvA vacancies page.

If you have any questions or would like more information about this position, please contact the project manager Sarah Smith at